Meet our team

We’re an Aussie based team who are bringing new concepts into the crypto world. Our passion and excitement for new ideas have taken us on this journey to revolutionize the metaverse as we know it.

Our Team

Our team is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in Australia. Currently it is made up of 2 full time developers and a part time designer (hopefully full time soon 😊).

We have been involved in all aspects of the blockchain technology for 2 years and we love the fast paced development and real world implementation we see take place every day.

The NFT space is even wilder! The community pushes for innovation – what’s the next big thing? Or the next new thing! That’s the space we are in. Whilst we keep a very close eye on trends, fads and hype, we are also very conscious of the pitfalls of this space. So you will never hear us use throw away lines like “this is just the beginning”, or pfp’s that are somehow “mataverse ready”, or our personal favourite – a fuzzy roadmap with “we’ll let the community decide”.

Our projects are well thought out, thoroughly planned and have clear roadmaps. We design projects that we can create in house, with our team’s expertise. We hope that you will come along on this journey with us as we look to push the envelope with each project. Our first project will be the first procedurally generated island NFT metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain – and its utility starts straight after mint!

Trent, Vik, Caity


Programmer, Level / Creative Designer, 3D Art Modeler, Shader Developer

Trent has over 7+ years of programming, graphic design and Digital A/V production experience. He specializes in the study and implementation of Perlin Noise and the Marching Cubes algorithm. In his spare time Trent loves creating music, DJ-ing for friends and finding louder and louder mods for his Toyota 86.


Business Development, Marketing & Social Media Manager

Viktor has spent most of his 20 year career in Management as Director and CEO. He has a specific interest in Emerging Technology, Design Thinking as well as Spatial & Industrial Design. Outside of work, you’ll often find him fishing, at the beach or sampling craft beer at micro-breweries.


Conceptual Artist,
Creative Level Designer

Caity has an incredible skill-set for abstract design, which allows her to let creativity flow into various mediums. The conceptual art breathes life into a project and gives it the feel and direction it needs. Caity is a carefree and generous soul who spends most of her spare time with friends and her dog AJ.