The Lost Islands Roadmap

A detailed roadmap showcasing the future of Lost Islands.

The Metaverse Journey

This is the journey of the seven creative days in which various components such as day and night, sea-life, land-life and humans are created.

0 Minted - (The Foundation)

This time period consists of many ‘behind the scene’ events, that are essential for the following day. Months of work has gone into this single step.

Conceptualization of ideas ☒
Create detailed roadmap ☒
Develop MyIsland App ☒
Create/build social media ☒
Create website ☒
Create NFT’s & Metadata ☒
Launch Discord ☒
Announce mint date ☒

1000 Minted - (The Mint)

During the first creative day (day of mint), terrain is formed, water is created and vegetation is planted; Yes, the foundation for life is on your island.

☐ Mint Lost Islands on
☐ Immediate access to MyIslands after the mint to explore your NFT

1200 Minted - (Day & Night)

“There was evening and there was morning, a second day.” On the second day, in the expanse of the heavens, there will be division between day and night.

The sky will change in MyIslands
Day and night cycle will commence ☐
(Soon you will find out why…)

1400 Minted - (Sea Life)

Let the waters swarm with living creatures“.
On the third day, life in the water begins. You will find small sea creatures to great ones around your island. Islands will be colonized by specific creatures depending on your islands traits…

☐ Sea creatures are created
☐ Discover what lurks around your islands

1600 Minted - (Land Animals)

“Let the earth bring forth living creatures”. On the fourth day, life on the islands begins. Creatures roam the land, doing what they do best; exploring, eating, sleeping and pooping (they won’t actually poop, eat or sleep… or will they…). What creatures will your island have?

Land animals are created ☐
Land creatures now roam your islands ☐

1800 Minted - (The Human)

Let us make man in our image“.
On the fifth day, it was decided that the islands required more than just land & sea life. A human (islander) was created, so they may explore and discover.

☐ Islander/s are created
(What will you be? A: survivor, sunbather, explorer, ape, hunter, businessman, alien…)
☐ Your islander opens up new exploration opportunities
☐ You can explore in first person & third person view
☐ Explore your land and seabed like never before
(Discover what is hidden on your island)

2000 Minted - (The Competitions)

Now that your unique islands have aquatic life, land life and islanders, it is time to compete. Mini-game competitions will be held, which require you to meet various objectives. How will you play?

Mini-games are initiated ☐
(Each island has hidden advantages)
Islands are locked for competition mode during events ☐

2048 Minted - (The Next Chapter)

With islands now gamified, these features will be added for future engagement & enjoyment.

☐ More mini-games added!
☐ Improved MyIsland visuals, interactability, performance and gameplay
☐ In-game music
☐ Ability to modify your island
☐ Collaboration with other projects