Biomes / Rarities

Every biome has its own special characteristics, water, flora and fauna, terrain type and animal life.
Rarity is based on biome, land-size, ocean-size, land-height, and ocean-depth.

The Lost Islands Collection

The Lost Island collection is made up of 3816 uniquely generated islands using procedural generation.  Main biomes contain sub-biomes (which are related in land type, but differing in plant/tree life).


Forest Oak

Oak Forests range from flat to hilly lands that are filled with bright vegetation and large Oak trees.

Quantity: 195 (5.11%)

Forest Pine

Pine Forests are densely filled with unique vegetation and Pine trees, but offer fantastic visibility.

Quantity: 186 (4.87%)

Forest Cedar

Cedar forests are colorful and flowery lands with sandy shores that surround the islands.

Quantity: 187 (4.90%)

Forest Maple

Forest Maple lands have large, broad, colorful trees that are scattered around the hilly slope-filled island.

Quantity: 201 (5.27%)


Mountainous Pine

Mountainous Pine islands are rocky, with high hills that cover the landscape. Views are incredible and the seafloor is quite deep.

Quantity: 178 (4.66%)

Mountainous Poplar

Mountainous Poplar islands are flatter than the Pine. But while being  quite steep, the best of explorers love it for its visibility.

Quantity: 204 (5.35%)


Tropical Green

Tropical Green islands have lots of vegetation and plant life. With clean beaches and seabeds, you feel far away from humanity on these islands.

Quantity: 329 (8.62%)

Tropical Coral

Tropical Coral islands have less vegetation and greenery. However, more coral life exists and the seafloor is deeper. What can be found in the deep?

Quantity: 311 (8.15%)


Snow Spruce

Snow Spruce biomes are very hilly and rugged. Underwater you will find shallow seabeds, to deep ones.

Quantity: 149 (3.90%)

Snow Pine

Snow Pines are significantly flatter, with trees along the edges of land. On higher ground, large rock formations are present.

Quantity: 162 (4.25%)


Jungle Tropical

Tropical jungles have a giant tree taking in the sunlight. The rest of the island is full of shrubs and dense flora and fauna.

Quantity: 156 (4.09%)

Jungle Rainforest

Rainforest jungles are incredibly rugged, dense environments that are covered in thick plant-life, often with multiple satellite islands.

Quantity: 152 (3.98%)


Swamp Freshwater

Freshwater swamps are filled with life in and on the water. A true adventurers dream.

Quantity: 171 (4.48%)

Swamp Dead

Dead swamps are murky and  muddy. Often they are large with multiple islands.

Quantity: 168 (4.40%)


Autumn forests are orange, vibrant and full of Cedar and Birch trees. Clear, light blue water surrounds each island. 

Quantity: 134 (3.51%)


Savannas are flat, dry landscapes, shaded by tall Acacia trees. Vibrant, shallow waters are at the edges of these islands.

Quantity: 130 (3.41%)


Japanese islands are colorful, artistic lands with aqua colored water surrounding them.

Quantity: 130 (3.41%)


Deserts are rough, barren, hot environments, where only the strongest of vegetation and explorers survive.

Quantity: 133 (3.49%)


Grasslands are very flat. They are mainly filled with grass and few Acacia trees. Very shallow waters allow for fantastic visibility.

Quantity: 133 (3.49%)


Wastelands are eerie, dead places of ruin. Many did not survive on these islands…

Quantity: 71 (1.86%)


Mushroom forests are abstract, bright islands where giant fungi have taken over the land.

Quantity: 71 (1.86)

Post Apocalyptic

Post Apocalyptic lands are filled with dark, creepy secrets. Once where civilization existed, only ghostly figures remain.

Quantity: 67 (1.76%)


Corruption islands are inspired from the biome in Terraria. These islands have very deep waters. What are these islands hiding?

Quantity: 61 (1.60%)


Hallow islands are full of pastel colors and have large, tall, but smooth mountains on them. Pink waters surround these islands.

Quantity: 30 (0.79%)

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is set in space. The plant-life is strange, colorful and large. A spaceship is also found on every island!

Quantity: 20 (0.52%)


Hemp islands grow ‘produce’ and are protected by scarecrows armed with AK-47’s. I wonder why such an arsenal is required…

Quantity: 20 (0.52%)


Glass islands are full of see-through vegetation. Don’t trip or walk into anything!

Quantity: 20 (0.52%)

Meteorite Zone

Meteorite Zone islands are the only type of island which has land surrounding the water! A large body of water is found in the middle.

Quantity: 15 (0.39%)

Golf Course

Golf Course islands have been custom modified to have a proper layout of a professional golf course. A red flag on the green determines the hole!

Quantity: 11 (0.29%)


Lorax islands are inspired the movie. With colorful trees and grassy flatlands, you will find plenty of colorful flowers on the land.

Quantity: 10 (0.26%)

Bikini Bottom

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” You guessed it! On this small island you will find 3 very familiar homes!

Quantity: 6 (0.16%)


Gold islands are the heaviest out of the collection, but also the rarest. An island which is not practical at all, but purely epic and shiny!

Quantity: 5 (0.13%)