Lost Islands NFT

Next-Gen Interactive NFT in the Ethereum Metaverse.
View and interact with NFT’s like never before. Step foot on your one-of-a-kind island with its own terrain, plant and animal life, ocean bed, and sea life. Discover & explore 32 unique biomes. But no island would truly be yours, if you couldn’t modify it.

The Islands

It takes nature millions of years to form truly unique landscapes. Each island is individually formed and shares its topography with no other island!

Organically formed beaches, satellite islands, bays & lakes, mountains, cliffs and under water trenches are unique… all waiting to be discovered.

(A few examples of the Tropical biome)

The Art

The art style is low poly and the diverse landscapes are procedurally generated. In other words, they are created based on an algorithm.

So where is the art? Well, we may think that what we see in nature is random. But true randomness is ugly! From microscopic atoms, to looking out to space, we are actually admiring complex patterns.

So how do we translate this to creating an epic looking island? Well thanks to a dude in 1983 called Ken Perlin, we have the ability to use a type of gradient noise, then layer them on top of each other as many times as we like, to create a unique slice of Perlin Noise.

Modulating and distorting these layers is the art to creating your unique piece of land known as “Lost Islands”.

Customize Your Island

Day 7 of the roadmap will enable full customization of your island.

Put your imagination to work and build something amazing. No island could truly be yours if you can’t plant and build whatever you like.

Each biome will have it’s own resources to work with. What will you create?


We are hosting the mint on our website!

Mint date to be announced. Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for updates.

The cost of purchasing your own island at the time of mint, is: 0.03 ETH

Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for updates.

You can find instructions on the MyIslands page.

The heart of this project is MyIslands, built on the Unity game engine. This is where you explore and interact
with your island – it is built and fully functional.

The major milestone was the design of the biomes. These have now been completed.

All the images and footage you see on this website, twitter and discord are real and captured in-game!

Day 1-6 are currently in development. Check real-time progress on the Roadmap.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have any questions, business inquiries or want to collaborate, please feel free to get in touch with our team at this email address: contact@lostislands.io